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From Engineering, to Diamonds, to Music...

Sahil is a singer-songwriter, recording artist and live performer in English and Hindi based in Mumbai.

Born and brought up in Mumbai, he hesitatingly left for Stanford University to pursue his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. Little did he know that those 4 years would change his life forever. Living in a hippie house, Columbae, for 3 out of those 4 years, has really shaped who he is today.

Post graduation, he decided to join his family diamond business. He worked there for a good 10 years before gaining some courage to drop it all to pursue his true passion, music! 

Sahil loves being on stage and feeding off the audience's vibe and energy. He loves interacting with them! Creating original music gives him such satisfaction that is clearly presented through the songs he writes. He also lends his voice for other people's music and for voicce-overs and thoroughly enjoys each project he takes up in that regard too!

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